How expensive is pet health insurance and is it worth it?

  • How sensible is a Animal Health Insurance?
  • How much does it cost for which animal?
  • When is pet health insurance worth it?
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Basically, animal health insurance fulfills the same purpose as health insurance for us humans. In the event of illness, the costs for the vet, necessary treatments and medication are covered by the insurance. Whether pet health insurance is worthwhile depends not only on the type of pet you have, but also on your expectations and willingness to take risks. Basically, you can assume the larger the animal and the higher the life expectancy, the more useful animal health insurance can be.

How expensive is pet health insurance?

Many of the larger insurance companies offer specialty pet health insurance for dogs, cats, and horses, for example. The Contributions for animal health insurance depend on the Animal type, its size, its breed and the age or the state of health of the animal at the beginning of the insurance away. The place of residence sometimes also plays a role.

First, you can ask your insurance company whether and what tariffs they offer for pets. Maybe they grant you combination discounts, if you have already taken out other insurance policies with the company. At the same time, you can research animal health insurance on the internet. In addition to the popular pets such as dogs or cats, you will also find offers for small animals (hamster, rabbit or guinea pig), but also for Weidetiere such as horses, cows or sheep.

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Cheap surgery insurance for cats up to twelve months is available from as little as 24 euros a year, You have to pay a deductible of 250 euros and the surgery cannot cost more than 1,000 euros. For a dog surgery insurance you have to with about 80 euros calculate. Here, too, the surgery must not be more expensive than 1,500 euros. Insurance for horses, for example, is available in gradations from “basic” to “premium” to “excellent”.. The underlying contribution ranges from just over 80 euros to almost 400 euros. They each cover a different range of services. Packages are often offered, especially for horses, which combine, for example, horse surgery insurance, horse liability insurance, rider accident insurance and horse legal expenses insurance. Depending on combination and scope of services the annual costs are between 430 euros and almost 660 euros.

When it’s worth it and when it’s not

As mentioned at the beginning, you have to consider what costs you can generally incur with your pet and whether additional animal health insurance makes sense to you. For small animals such as guinea pigs, with a comparably short lifespan, such insurance is less worthwhile than if you keep expensive pedigree cats or dogs as pets. If, on the other hand, you have your own horse or even several grazing animals, it is certainly advisable to take out animal health insurance.

Basically, you should be aware that keeping a pet always involves costs. On the one hand, you can factor in the additional insurance against treatment costs for illnesses. On the other hand, they are Surgery costs are usually lower, than that they justify the regular payment of contributions. Especially since it also depends on the tariff which services are taken over.

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Dogs– and cat owners pay majority a little over 200 euros per year for the medical treatment of your pet. This includes regular vaccinations, deworming, possibly cutting claws and minor treatments. results of Study by the University of Göttingen on pets from 2019 showed that only two percent of dog owners spend 2,000 euros or more a year on treating their animal. The average value within three years for special stresses (such as operations) was 1,063 euros for dog owners and 591 euros for affected cat owners. So you can the risk of treatmentwhich is more expensive than 1,000 euros or 500 euros, as rather low assess. Also, it certainly doesn’t happen every year.


Whether pet health insurance makes sense for your pet depends on various factors. Contribution and benefit differences are very different between the providers of animal health insurance. If in doubt, seek independent advice and compare the performance tariffs intensively.

Consider whether, instead of insurance, it might not be better if you create a reserve with a monthly contribution, that you can fall back on in an emergency. An important note at the end: Distinguish between a pet health insurance and a Pet owner liability insurance. The latter should be one absolute must, at least for you as a dog or horse owner be. Because you are liable for damage caused by your dog or horse, even if you are not to blame. If you have a cat, cover yours if necessary private Haftpflicht­versicherung possible consequences of unpredictable behavior. The best way to check this is in the contract documents.

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