How does television affect our perception of being a woman?

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It is clear that, if the TV She was our “babysitter” since childhood, we have learned a lot from her about “how the world is” and “how people should be”. However, hundreds of television content negatively affect our perception of being a woman, and we must talk about it.

As you well say Swethaa Ballakrishnen, Assistant Professor of Law at UC Irvine School of Law, although many of today’s television programs indicate that they highlight “diversity”, in reality “they are pstereotype lagadoss y unrealistic representations “.

And it is that, television presents women, even those who are strong, in a stereotyped way, which cultivates misconceptions among the public, especially the female. For example, classic cartoons like The Flintstones O The Supersonics they show that a woman was born to be the “perfect housewife.”

TV influences stereotypes

In an investigation on the subject, Television viewing and perceptions of women’s roles on television and in real life, from Barrie Gunter and Mallory Wober, obtained data on television viewing behaviors and perceptions of the way women are portrayed in television and beliefs about how they are or should be in real life.

The results indicated that only recurring viewers of action drama content were likely to view women as self-reliant, not fighting with other women, not dependent on their attractiveness to get ahead, and not preoccupied with romantic adventures.

However, viewers also tended to believe that most women actually want to be mothers and do not want successful careers and, more importantly, that all women should be that way in real life.

“Seeing strong women on television is certainly empowering, especially when viewers like or identify with them for personal reasons. But when television normalizes the absurd, it makes it difficult for viewers to appreciate the subtleties of the characters, ”says Ballakrishnen.

While the most recent content, such as Emily in Paris The Cable Girls O The Handmaid’s Tale, are intended to present empowered women and role models, we need to go further.

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