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The School of Teaching of Our Lady of Begoña (BAM) has already begun its transfer to the former seminary of Derio. They are emptying their current building before demolishing it to raise the new building for the Diocese of Bilbao. The next two courses will run from there.

The move has started this June. First, with the furniture and academic material, taking advantage of the absence of exams. Then the faculty offices throughout July, a time when teaching activity drops significantly. Finally, the administration services will be transferred and secretariat being two points with a lot of traffic these days between registrations and procedures for the next course. In total, two months to move the university center, including its library with more than 35,000 copies.

The director of the university school, Santiago Larrañaga, fixed on Radio Bilbao that “the idea is that at the end of July everything is ready so that on September 1 we can work with total normality”.

The area occupied in the old seminary will be “similar to the one we have here, in this case with the advantage of having more open spaces and sports facilities to be able to offer a good service to students”, explains Larrañaga. Precisely, the BAM was already in this building before moving to the center of Bilbao, so the building is now ready for teaching.

A new building

The Diocese of Bilbao a new building in Bilbao will open in December 2021, which he will share with a Mutualia hospital, and in which he will unify all the services that he currently provides in twelve different places, among others, the teaching school.

In the new hospital, which will have an area of ​​6,000 square meters, Mutualia will offer all the services that it currently provides in its Ercilla Clinic, which it will sell, and will transfer part of the activity that it now provides at its headquarters in Henao.

In addition, in the same building, the Diocese of Bilbao will bring together pastoral, cultural, educational and socio-charitable servicess currently offered in twelve different locations.

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