How do you know if your computer’s battery is in good condition?

There are times when Windows We were surprised by the number of interesting tools that suddenly the Redmond company does not communicate to users, the reasons for these decisions are unknown, but when the community finds them and shares them, they become options that you cannot stop using. .

And one of these tools is the “Battery report“, Which is not an option that you will be using every day, but which is so important and complete that without a doubt everyone should use it often to know if their computer’s battery is in good condition.

Many times we have doubts about whether the battery of our computer is in good condition, especially when we notice that it takes longer than normal to charge and when the battery runs out much faster, but to get rid of doubts you can use the Microsoft tool of quickly and easily.

How to use Windows 10 Battery Report?

To use this secret tool you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to the search bar next to the Windows 10 prompt and type “Command Prompt.”
  • When opening the program you must write the command powercfg /batteryreport and hit enter.
  • Now a message will appear that says “The battery life report has been saved in the path …” and the path, which you can copy in your search bar or go directly to the address to find the html file that is will open in your browser.

The file has a large amount of information and graphics that will help you know how your computer’s battery has behaved, but the most interesting data is at the beginning.

At first you can see a section that says “Installed batteries”, where data such as “Design capacity” appear, which is the factory capacity of the battery, “Full charge capacity” (current capacity of your battery), and “Cycle count” which is the cycle count.

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To find out if your battery is still in good condition you must divide the current capacity of your battery by the factory capacity and then multiply that number by 100, which will give you the current percentage of its useful life.

My battery is at 88% life.

This is the time to draw conclusions, because if the percentage of its useful life is low it is time to consider a change. In my case, I have been using the computer for more than a year, and at least once a day I use the charger, hence it has 352 cycles, considering that a cycle is a charging process from 0 to 100%.

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