How do I know if the size of a toy is safe for my baby? With the viral trick of a pediatrician

When we have babies or young children at home, their safety is something we should not take lightly. Their innocence and mischievous little hands make them more prone to domestic accidents, so we must take precautions.

One of the greatest risks of this type of accident in babies and children is the risk of suffocation because they are so curious that they put everything in their mouths. A pediatrician has shared a video with a great trick for parents, which allows us find out if baby or toddler toys may pose a choking hazard.

Posted in your Instagram account, Dr. Norajiaka shares with parents that there is a special device in the United States to measure whether or not an object may be appropriate for babies due to the risk of suffocation.

But if we do not live in the United States or for some reason we cannot buy it, explain that there is something else that we can use and that we already have at home: the toilet paper tube, which happens to be about the same size as this device.

In a simple video she quickly shows which toys and objects are safe for the baby in terms of size, since there is no risk of suffocation with them:

This trick, which has gone viral, is one that we had previously shared on Babies and more, but the video helps us clearly illustrate how we can use it at home.

In summary: Babies should not hold anything that fits inside the cardboard toilet paper roll. If possible, it is dangerous and likely to cause problems if the baby tries to swallow it or breathe it in by accident.

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Via | Motherly
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