How do I exit Veraz and clean up my credit history?

Being in Veraz is a real headache for those who want to carry out commercial operations, such as applying for a loan

For Ian Munoz Pederzoli

01/01/2023 – 06.54

Truthful is a brand belonging to the Equifax Argentina company and is engaged in the preparation of credit reports, both for individuals and for companies.

Your job is to be a Help tool for natural and/or legal persons when making a transaction with another person, then, if a person is in the Veraz, it will be very difficult for him to perform a large number of operations. In this line, many wonder how to get out of veraz.

How to exit Veraz 2022?

Leaving Veraz is not easy, especially because The purpose of this company is to inform companies and/or individuals who hire their services about the credit situation of the person or company they are consulting.

For example, if a financial institution requests a Veraz report for a particular customer, they do so to learn about their credit history and, in simple terms, to know how “reliable” they are to lend money to that customer.

However, there are some ways to get out of veraz, even if these are not immediate. On the one hand, if you you erroneously find in the Veraz, because, for example, there is a debt you never incurred or paid in a timely manner, you can communicate with Veraz and ignore it.

To make this type of complaint, You can do this online or by phone. In the case of doing it online, Veraz has an exclusive complaints section. Once inside, you will find a wide variety of possible claims, so you should select the one that fits your case.

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You can file your complaint with Veraz by phone

For example, in the case of ignore a debt you must select one of the debt “ignorance” options.

If we take the case of unawareness of a debt for credit card purchases, the option “Ignore loan debts, credit cards and checking accounts” should be selected.

On the other hand, in the event that the debt declared is real There are two ways to exit Veraz:

  • Pay the debt: in case you decide pay the respective debt, You will continue to appear on the Veraz report for 2 years, but the debt will appear as “paid” during that time.
  • Don’t pay the debt: if you decide don’t pay the debt It will appear in Veraz for a maximum period of 5 years, as required by law 25.326 on the protection of personal data. After this period, you can cancel the information that appears on that debt, as long as your creditor has not sued you or you have started with a payment plan, since, in these cases, the statute of limitations is interrupted.

What should I do to clean up my credit history?

For “clean” your credit history The easiest and fastest way is to pay off your debts and wait for the terms that this type of company provides. On the other hand, there are some habits that can help you avoid entering a predefined situation and, therefore, not appearing reports like the Veraz case.

  • Avoid going into debt unnecessarily: one of the keys is Avoid unnecessary loans. In some occasions it can be useful, for example when the financed price and the cash price are equal (especially in an inflationary economy, since we will be able to invest that money and, therefore, our final cost will be lower). However, if a efficient management of resources you could end up in debt.
  • Pay attention to the total financial costs: Many times people only pay attention to the interest they charge, but they rarely pay attention to what percentage of their total finance costs amount to. In many cases, in fact, companies offer “zero interest” loans, but their overall financial costs are very high. Total finance cost tells you how much interest you’ll actually end up paying.
  • Don’t commit a large percentage of your income – another key is notor commit a significant percentage of your income in loans, credits, among other options. For example, if we make purchases with a credit card and the amount to pay represents 70% of our income, it is very likely that we will end up in debt because we will not be able to live on just the remaining 30%.
  • Take on debts that you are sure you can handle: Finally, another of the mistakes is incur particularly large debts get carried away by the moment and not make a rational analysis. If we take on particularly large debts relative to our income, it is very likely that sooner or later we will start falling behind in payments.

How to download Veraz for free?

According to Personal Data Protection Act number 25.326, All people can log in within a period not exceeding 6 months, to your data for free. to get this free report, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Telephone (011) 5352-4800, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm The secretariat will ask if the request is for you or a third party, so you should choose the ‘for you’ option.
  • Next, it will ask you for your gender, ID number, among other personal information. Subsequently, the secretariat will repeat your personal data, therefore, if these are correct, you will have to confirm.
  • They will then ask you three random questions to verify your identity. Among the most common questions are the date of birth, if you have an account or card in a particular bank, among others.
  • Once you’ve completed these steps, your voicemail will ask if you want to assert your right to access your credit information, so you’ll need to say yes.
  • Finally, they will give you a code that you must write down or you can request it via SMS. You must enter this code on the truthful page, in the “Access Your Right of Access” section.
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On the other hand, the procedure can be performed online. You have to complete the data previously mentioned, plus some extra data such as an email, which allows you to do this Free access to a Veraz report. It should be remembered that, in both cases, Veraz issues a free report every 6 months, this being the maximum term established by law.

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