How do children, young people and their families get out of the pandemic?

In October 2021, LH Wallner and LRin Wiesflecker will present a 20 million package of opportunities for children, young people and their families: increase educational opportunities, cushion psychological stress, preserve contact and development opportunities.

Since March 2020, the lives of children and young people have changed abruptly within a few days: toddler care, kindergartens, schools and association work were closed, which massively restricted educational and social life. Contacts with grandparents and relatives were made more difficult, playgrounds and sports fields were closed and public spaces were prohibited from staying. A situation that Vorarlberg has never known in this form before.

That is precisely why it is important to support children and young people. Over the past few weeks, surveys and studies have been summarized, interviews with experts have been held, and focus groups have been held with young people. Findings from this were presented in a first step at the online event on June 25, 2021 by Governor Mag. Markus Wallner, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mazal, child and youth lawyer Michael Rauch, DSA and various interest groups presented. Here you will find the compilation of the surveys in the form of a working paper.

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