How did the Modern Warfare II Beta Test go?

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Korean operator ‘Horangi’.

Activision Blizzard will release the online game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” on PlayStation 5, 4, Xbox Series S, X and PC on the 28th of next month.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is a reboot of the game of the same name released in 2009. The Modern Warfare series is a game that expresses aspects of modern warfare in detail. It is used as a textbook for many FPS games dealing with modern warfare and is turning out to be the fifth work in the series.

Activision Blizzard held an online multiplayer beta test of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II from 23 to 26. A closed test (CBT) was held on the 23rd and 24th for pre-order buyers of the work, and on the 25th and on the 26th an open beta took place in which all users could participate, respectively. Players were able to experience Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer content for four days.

Before starting a full-scale multiplayer battle, players will create an operator with guns, perks, and special abilities that suit their fighting style. At the time of the beta test, the operator was able to confirm 14 people including the main character appearing as a single player of the opera, as well as the Korean special forces ‘Horangi’.

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There are seven types of firearms: Assault Rifle (AR), Battle Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine Gun (SMG), Light Machine Gun (LMG), Marksman Rifle (DMR), and Sniper Rifle (SR) . In this job, the progression is set for each firearm series, and the next firearm is only unlocked when the level of a specific firearm is increased. For example, if you increase the level of the base AR “M4”, the “FTAC Recon” battle rifle will open and if you increase the level of FTAC Recon, you will be able to use “FSS Hurricane”.

Each weapon has a total of 9 modifiable parts such as barrel, optics, muzzle, stock and magazine, and 5 parts of which can be freely customized. Each part has various effects such as gun recoil, aiming and shooting, noise and improved visibility, which greatly improves the efficiency of the gun.

Once you’re done customizing your gun, it’s time to set your fighting style. A “privilege” is a passive effect that can be used in battle. It is divided into basic perks, bonus perks, and ultimate perks. For the basic perks, you can choose two of the eight special effects: a hunter who leaves footprints on the enemy, an overkill that can carry two main weapons, and a heart of steel that refers to movement speed.

Bonus perks and final perks are effects that can be used depending on how the game progresses. Perk bonuses consist of rather important skills, such as tactical recon which allows you to control enemy equipment and special abilities through walls, and quick hand movements that speed up reloading. Ultimate perks that are activated at the end of the game have excellent effects, such as ghosts that are not detected by enemy detectors and alerts that automatically warn you if there are enemies nearby.

Additionally, there are a total of 13 unique special abilities. It can be actively used during combat and ranges from simple abilities that can be used frequently, such as portable cover, radar and suppression mines, to groundbreaking abilities such as tactical cameras, decoy and reconnaissance drones. Players can experience more strategic and fierce battles using various tools used in modern warfare.

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With Kill Streak, you have nothing to fear.
With Kill Streak, you have nothing to fear.

“Kill Streak” is the highlight of Modern Warfare. It can be considered a “special move” that can be used depending on how many consecutive kills the opposing player has. A total of 18 kill streaks are available, from UAVs that can detect the opponent’s position, cruise missiles, mortar bombardments, aerial bombs, Wheelson-HS and stealth bombers, all weapons that can significantly change the field of battle. Watching an ally’s kill streak wipe out the enemy is something that can only be enjoyed in Modern Warfare.

There have been a total of seven multiplayer battles in Modern Warfare II, which have been released via beta testing. In a basic 6v6 team battle, you alternately become an attack team and a defender, detonating and dismantling bombs, “Search and Destroy”, rescuing captured hostages, “Rescue prisoners” and “Knockout”, where a package is placed with money the center and stealing it from each other. ‘ and other content.

It was possible to split into two teams and wage war on a large map. Through “Invasion”, where both teams quickly accumulate mission points to win in 20-20, and “Ground Wars”, in which a total of 64 players fight to occupy the target spot in 32-32, it’s like a real war modern. A fierce battle can be waged.

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Modern Warfare II battles have focused on team interaction and tactical moves. The battles in the recent Call of Duty series were conducted and fast and carefree firearm-style battles. However, in this work, the position was discovered by the opponent the moment he took a step, and the battle was waged in the form of a rather heavy battle in which he was baptized with the enemy’s bullets that he was camping. In some areas it was difficult to move properly, so there was a phenomenon of congestion waiting for the enemy.

However, rather than slaughtering opponents with individual skills, it was a special combat experience for squad members to support each other and overcome difficulties. In particular, the 6v6 battle showed a big difference depending on the skill level of the team and the tactical movement, and provided a different kind of fun than the existing FPS. However, it seemed necessary to reduce the noisy footsteps that are heard even with a small movement.

This is not to say that Run and Gun is not playable. Grab the SMG and wipe out enemies with great play in large-scale hand-to-hand battles like invasions and ground battles. If you are familiar with this type of game, you will be greeted by the endless stream of kill counters. Double kills using kill streaks and triple kills are a bonus.

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“Invasion” really feels like a scene from a movie.

Of course, no problems were identified in the beta test. Chinese gamers connected to the beta test via a virtual private network (VPN), causing severe lag, uncomfortable user interface (UI), and disassembling accessories based on gun advancement were pretty big complaints. In particular, opening a Red Dot site by grabbing a gun you don’t like dozens of times and leveling up your gun was a hassle in itself. Hope this part is corrected when the official version is released.

However, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II impressed players with its excellent gameplay during beta testing. The official release of the work is scheduled for the 28th of next month.

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