How did the elk test go for Tesla Model Y – Electric

The moose test it is a test carried out to verify the stability of a car during the execution of sharp turns, carried out to avoid obstacles that can suddenly appear on the roadway, such as (hence the name) a crossing wild animal. The test, which takes place thanks to the positioning of road cones arranged in an S shape, has been carried out for decades: but it became particularly famous after the Baby-Benz, aka the Mercedes A-Class, failed it sensationally in 1997 with a sudden overturn.

The Spanish periodical magazine KM77, born in 1999, has been conducting some moose tests for some time: among its 20 most viewed videos on Youtube, 19 are related to this test. In the past, the test of the moose in Spanish sauce has put noble SUVs and even some sedans in crisis, while the super sports cars with their above-average handling have instead brilliantly overcome the obstacles without knocking them down. This time it’s Tesla Model Y’s turn, a car that is about to land on the Italian market and on which there is a considerable expectation. The electric crossover, with Michelin Pilot EV 255/40 R20 tires, achieved an excellent result.

The car entered the ‘gut’ with the cones at over 80 kilometers per hour and with two different drivers there was no way to make her fall into error. No cones were knocked down, the car appeared stable and well planted on the ground. Although the Model Y SUV is heavier and taller than its Model 3 cousin, the result was “one of the best ever” in this type of test, making a very positive impression.. The Model Y, with its entry speed, has equaled Tesla Model 3 and Ford Focus by exceeding the target value of 77 kilometers per hour. The result would have been obtained thanks, in particular, to the suspension and excellent calibration of the electronic stability control.

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