How did Jean Hilliard survive even though his body was frozen?

Gita Laras Widyaningrum

Illustration of frozen woman’s body.—One night in 1980, a woman named Jean Hilliard driving the car home after visiting her parents’ house. That night the weather in Minnesota, United States, was very cold and snowing.

Hilliard’s 19-year-old car suddenly broke down in the middle of the road. Hilliard got out of his car and started walking for help. He decided to go to a friend’s house near the road to seek help.

That night the air temperature reached minus 30 degrees Celsius or minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Jean Hilliard running in air temperature frozen wearing a season coat cold, gloves and cowboy boots. Until the next day, no one knew what happened to Hilliard that night, whether he had returned home or whether he had managed to get help from his friends.


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