How did a Korean LoL player sell 3 items, buy a GA and save his life in 2.5 seconds?

During one of the Worlds matches, quite a surprising action took place.

The League of Legends World Cup is always a good opportunity to see the amazing performances of the best players in the world. Interestingly, the games do not always involve great eliminating opponents or brilliant fights at Nashor.

The most popular action of the last hours is playing a Korean professional player with the nickname “Canyon”. What’s so interesting about it?

Speed ​​of buying items

During the DWG match against JDG, one of the players, despite an obvious loss, did not want to give his opponents satisfaction and weaken his K / D. So, while at the fountain, he decided to make a move that almost immediately went viral.

All because during the watch he managed to sell 3 items and buy Guardian Angela, which saved his life.

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It’s hard to even capture that exact moment, everything happened so fast. For most players, this would be completely unfeasible with one item, let alone a few.

Worlds 2020 has completely absorbed League of Legends so far and practically nothing else is said. This is a time when esports fans are celebrating and everyone else is a bit bored, but it’s still worth following the World Cup just for those moments.

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