How come AC Milan fans attack Donnarumma?


Gianluigi Donnarumma become the target of verbal attacks from fans AC Milan, while defending Italy National Team in the event UEFA Nations League. How come?

Donnarumma defended Italy against Spain in the UEFA Nations League semifinals at San Siro, Milan, Thursday (7/10/2021) early morning hrs. The 22-year-old goalkeeper became the target of the audience’s ridicule.

Italy did lose 1-2 to Spain and failed to reach the final, but what happened to Donnarumma is believed to have nothing to do with the result of that match. His decision to move clubs last summer is suspected to be the cause.

Donnarumma decided to move from AC Milan in the transfer market last summer. He did not renew his contract, and chose to join Paris Saint Germain.

This makes him the target of verbal attacks. Fans AC Milan, who also watched the match Italy National Team vs Spain, cheered him on.

It was commented Lilian Thuram, who once defended Parma and Juventus. He regretted the action of the Milan fans cheering Gianluigi Donnarumma.

“I don’t understand people, how can you forget it so quickly?” Thuram said to Tuttomercatoweb.

“Donnarumma did very well, and played for many years at Milan. It’s strange that people immediately forget all that. Above all, he is playing for Italy at the moment,” he explained.

Thuram also defended Donnarumma’s decision to move to PSG. According to him, it is just a professional step in a career, and is not always wrong.

“It’s a profession. You make choices. People think it’s always the player’s fault when they move, but it’s not always like that,” said Thuram, who has also played for Monaco and Barcelona.

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