How can you impress guys in the pool? Does anyone have experience? (Relationship, friends, vacation)

How can you impress boys in the pool? So between the ages of 14 and 17? So without pretending to be blatant, of course, but are there still things you can use to impress guys in the outdoor pool?

Do they usually only look at the body, or also how one behaves? Because not every girl has a Kylie Jenner body, but guys also like a beautiful body, I think. But does that also mean if you don’t necessarily look like you don’t get any attention from a few guys? You are welcome to give your opinion and tips 🙂

The whole thing shouldn’t seem superficial either; I just want to get a little attention from one or the other boy because I think the outdoor pool is a good place to make new friends or relationships. In any case, I very often see teenagers my age in the swimming pool




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