How can you get rid of facial pills from the first use in just 15 minutes?

Girls and youth suffer from a problem, which is the appearance of pimples on the face in different and different places, and these pills appear from the age of adolescence and at different ages, and these pills are an obstacle to the appearance of their beauty and their external appearance, because oily skin is one of the most types of skin that suffers from facial pills due to the increase in The percentage of subcutaneous fat, and we will get to know you Methods of getting rid of facial pills With natural ingredients found in every home.

Methods of getting rid of facial pills

Getting rid of facial pills is not impossible, as after knowing the reasons for the emergence of facial pills it is easy to treat them by following important tips to get rid of pimples and treat where the pimples and pimples appear.

Reasons for the appearance of facial pills

  • The lack of drinking water is one of the main reasons for the appearance of facial pills.
  • Also, eating foods rich in harmful fats cause facial pills.
  • Eat nuts frequently without eating dairy products.
  • Eat spicy foods constantly.
  • Use cosmetics on the face without washing it off.
  • The presence of hormonal changes in the body in adolescence.
  • The use of methods of treatment for facial pimples do not suit the skin.

Steps to get healthy skin without pills

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, 6 to 8 cups.
  2. It is recommended to use a lotion suitable for the skin.
  3. After making a mask, a piece of ice should be applied to tighten the face.
  4. The face must be moisturized daily.
  5. Avoid eating nuts, fast food, and eating a healthy diet.
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Natural mask applied to the face pimples

Mask potatoes and milk

A piece of potato is crushed after boiling and when it cools, put 3 tablespoons of milk on it, apply it on the face and in circular motions on the affected areas and leave the mixture until it dries completely for a quarter of an hour, this helps to remove the dead skin and treat the facial pills.

Garlic recipe for the treatment of facial pills

We need to puree 4 cloves of garlic well and add a little rose water to it, wipe the grains with the mixture and then wash the face with water and olive oil soap, until the smell of garlic is eliminated.

Cinnamon and honey recipe for grain elimination

Mix 3 tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon, then apply the affected area to the grain, in circular movements, before going to bed and wash the face a quarter of an hour later. Do the same in the morning for two weeks. The pills will disappear permanently.

Mix olive oil with sugar

Mix a tablespoon of sugar with olive oil, then mix them well to get a homogeneous mixture, put the mixture on the grains in simple circular motions, leave it for 10 minutes, clean the face using rose water with a piece of cotton, and repeat that recipe 3 times a week.

Mix olive and lemon oil

Wipe your face with a spoon of olive oil and leave it on for a quarter of an hour, then wash your face with water, then apply on the face half a lemon, pass it on, leave it for 5 minutes, wash the face with a medical soap, then with rose water to close the pores.

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