“How can I wear it now?”: Agata Muceniece could not keep the pants on her hips

The Closed School star showed how her body was transformed.

Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: Instagram.com/agataagata

In one of the latest publications of the actress’s personal microblogging Agatha Muceniece a record appeared in which the celebrity boasted of a slender figure in a bra and widest trousers.

Ex-wife Paul Priluchny showed the multi-colored jeans that became too big for the blonde. Mutseniece was holding rainbow-colored jeans with her hands. The celebrity wondered why the pants fell off her.

“Friends, of course, I don’t want to say anything. Boasting is not mine. But I just don’t understand, how can I wear these pants now? ”Agatha said.

The actress showed her thin waist, naked in front of the mirror. Agatha emphasized her neat breasts with a snow-white bodice. Mutseniece also lit her thin hands. Judging by Agatha’s reaction, she did not lose weight on purpose. However, many girls will envy such results.

We will remind, earlier Agata Muceniece in tight thong panties epic dived into the water. The actress lifted her leg high before diving. In this way, the ex-lover of Priluchny showed her sense of humor. The imperfect appearance really made the fans of Agatha laugh.

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