How are you? Influencer Didrihsone with comments about eating creates confusion in dinner show participants – TV – – Entertainment

On the third evening, guests were greeted by Zane Burnicka, serving simple dishes on the table, the second of which was served solanka.

Seeing a portion of the main course, Didrihson was glad that she had saved a seat in her stomach, although, as Reizenbergs noted, she had previously claimed that nothing was in store for her anymore.

“I have to keep myself in shape, and I can’t feast on everything I want for four nights in a row and just for dinner. That’s why I struggle a little with myself. But not because I don’t like it, but because I really have too much,” influencere.

Reizenberg, on the other hand, said that Didrichson had previously said that after all the shows he would go home and eat more.


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