How are digital marketing agencies evolving in Mexico?

It’s no secret that in the midst of the current situation we are living in, advertising investment will shift into the digital realm irretrievably.

In general, the figures speak of a visibly beaten market. According to the conclusions provided by the ARM in its study Global Advertising Trends: State of The Industry 2020/21, it would take years for the advertising market to recover the numbers it had before the health crisis.

On a specific basis, it is estimated that the growth of this indicator will reach 2022; For the end of this year and with the progress that can be achieved at the end of the year, the sector is expected to barely reach the numbers recorded towards the end of 2019.

Over the next year, forecasts indicate that there will be a 6.7 percent lead, a percentage that will barely be enough to recoup 59 percent of what was lost this year.

Thus, 2020 is expected to close with a 10.2% drop in advertising revenue, which corresponds to $ 63.4 billion of the overall value of the global advertising market.

While digital will increase its investments by around 7% and display advertising will do the same by 14%, in the first six months of the year, the reality is that it is not free from downfall.

With these types of variations, it is clear that while digital marketing agencies will have a great opportunity, it will come in different formats and focus on certain specialties that are worth considering.

In this sense, understanding the positions that agencies occupy at the moment could, on the one hand, dictate much of the future of the sector, at the same time as it could determine new trends, which is why it defining who is who in the digital marketing agency industry is important.

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With this in mind, we invite you to participate in the ranking of digital marketing agencies 2021 which will seek to provide an overview of the evolution of the sector.

This annual study, which guarantees the confidentiality of data, invites all the agencies in the sector to understand the future they will have and the opportunities on which the youngest agencies can capitalize.

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