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How can we clean them properly and in which cases should we go to a specialist?

How much and how can the ears be cleaned? Clinical pharmacist Lubova Blaževiča explains that it is recommended to clean the ears only on the outside, wiping them with a damp cloth or cloth. If you need to clean your ears more, special ear drops can be used.

Experts agree that no objects, including cotton swabs, should be placed in the ears, as cleaning the ears in this way can accidentally damage the ear canals and eardrum, or push the earwax deeper and create a sulfur plug.

You should also not clean your ears too often. The so-called ear sulfur (cerumen) is a natural substance of the body that moisturizes the ear, protects it from dust and fine particles in the air. In addition, they also have antibacterial properties.

If you feel that washing the outer part of the ear is not enough, special drops for ear care, which are designed for different situations, can help. Blaževiča. Ear drops are available at the pharmacy to soften and remove sulfur, as well as to relieve earwax after water treatments, to treat ear inflammation and to reduce pain.

The drops vary in composition, from natural oils (such as olive oil) to chemical components. These medicines may have different uses – some just need to be instilled, others need to be instilled and then lie down to allow them to work. There are also drops that need to be rinsed off after a while, but others do not. There are drops that are recommended to warm your hands to body temperature before use. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist for proper use and read the package leaflet carefully before use.

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Do not ignore important symptoms

The pharmacist emphasizes that we must not neglect the health of our ears, especially taking into account the peculiarities of modern lifestyle – listening to loud music, frequent use of headphones, noise pollution in everyday life. Therefore, in cases of certain symptoms, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Symptoms in which it is necessary to go to a specialist: ear pain, persistent feeling of ear loss, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, itchy ears, smell from the ears. You should not expect the symptoms to go away on their own, but you should see a specialist in the near future, as waiting can make the situation worse.

Ear health prevention

BENU Pharmacy clinical pharmacist Ļ. Blaževiča says that magnesium, potassium, zinc and Omega fatty acids are especially important for the health of the ears from microelements, which we can take with various preparations in addition to nutrition.

Careful daily treatment is important for ear health prevention. For example, in cold weather, the ears should be provided with a warm environment, so it is recommended to wear a headgear such as a hat or scarf to cover the ears. Avoid listening to loud music and frequent headphones, and try to avoid noisy environments. If the work involves a noisy environment, be sure to use all necessary protective equipment to protect yourself.



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