How a band wants to save rock’n’roll: Honey Club from Bochum with a new EP

Rock’n’Roll from Bochum: “We are the Honey Club and we play Rock’n’Roll.” Singer G. Lou introduces himself and his band with a clear statement. Confident? All male. Arrogant? Not at all. That would also be presumptuous, after all, The Honey Club was only founded in 2019. But the mission is ambitious: “We want to save rock’n’roll.”
“We’ve been playing together for a long time,” says band leader G. Lou in an interview, “and we’re disaffected that so many rock bands just rehash old things.” Right? Yes: If a club wants to get the house full, it books a cover band and let’s be honest: the biggest songs we want to hear at concerts are those with which the respective band has become big and famous. On the radio, too, DJs, bands and pop acts use pieces from the 70s, 80s or 90s to revive them with fresh sounds.

The verdict ‘Rock’n’Roll is dead’ is no coincidence

The Honey Club is looking for innovations in vain: “It’s a shame, because the verdict ‘Rock’n’Roll is dead’ is no coincidence.” Still, singer and guitarist G. Lou, bassist Bo J. Al and drummer Feety Joe take them Challenge and try not to freshen up old Rolling Stones songs, but to create new material. “Those who try to bring the old rock’n’roll into the present.”

It’s a band, it’s a club
it’s loud and it’s hot

For The Honey Club, that means not just digging out old props, but also using them consciously. “We don’t just want to wear the leather jacket, we also want to live it.”
But what sets The Honey Club apart from the Rolling Stones? “We feel drawn to the rock’n’roll exemplified, but we are still ourselves.” You can see that on stage when three musicians let out an energy that is second to none. When The Honey Club enter a stage, a spark jumps across that no glam rock band with star airs could fire. In addition, “we have ambitions.”
Bochum totally digital
So The Honey Club has plans and the guys know where they want to go: “We want to develop this genre further and not copy it.” In return, G. Lou admits: “You can hear on our previous releases that we are on our way Still looking. ”And you actually hear classic rock music here, but also experiments with different sounds and effects. “But that will continue to develop.”
Maybe it is exactly that: The Beatles have developed rock’n’roll just as much as Queen, Metallica or the small garage rock band from the neighborhood.

New music from the Honey Club

The Honey Club announced the previous development of rock’n’roll in September 2020 with the Debut-EP „Chemistry, Baby!” This was followed in February 2021 by the first music video for “You Got The Wrong Idea” as a pre-single for the upcoming EP. In addition, they recorded and published a studio session and prevailed against seven other bands from the Ruhr area at “Campus Ruhrcomer 2020”. On March 5th the will follow Release of the EP “Biology Baby!”.

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On “Biology Baby!” You can hear five songs with names like „You got the Wrong Idea“, „I Wanted To Be Here Soon, But Now I’m Early” and „Alright”. Musically they keep what they promise: Rock’n’Roll between Beatles, Stones and Jet with sometimes alternating chants, wild guitars and honest lyrics. And even if The Honey Club insists on giving their interpretation of rock’n’roll their own touch, there is still something here for friends of rock music of all ages.

The Honey Club on Spotify

Making music as a band in a pandemic is not easy. This is the EP was “half in the studio, half in the bedroom,” says G. Lou. That means: First G. Lou, Bo J. Al and Feety Joe recorded the songs live. “Last summer that was still possible,” emphasizes singer G. Lou. They then recorded further tracks individually, as is customary in music production – partly also in the bedroom. The product from it is available from March 5th on Streaming platforms such as Spotify to listen.
More about The Honey Club also on Facebook and Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music.

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