Houston is not my home!US reporter revealed that Oladipo does not want to go to the Rockets but still hopes to go to the Heat to form a group | NBA | DONGTW News

Today’s biggest news, MVP star James Harden has been sent to the Nets by the Rockets in a multi-party deal, and the Rockets have acquired former polo star Victor Oladipo and a large number of draft picks.

The Ringer reporter Kevin O’Connor also wrote an analysis later, and reported some inside information about the Harden transaction.

According to the O’Connor report, the Rockets may continue to trade, including many teams that are interested in Rockets forward PJ Tucker. The source pointed out that Tucker’s trading chips can be exchanged for three second-round picks, but Tucker is 35 years old. And is an unrestricted free agent, which will greatly reduce his value.

As for Oladipo, who has just been traded, although he has always wanted to leave Paoma, the Rockets are not his desired destination. According to sources, Oladipo still hopes to go to the Heat, so the Rockets may trade again.

According to previous reports, due to the requirements of the labor-management agreement, Oladipo could not be traded again until March 4th local time.

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