Housing has risen in price by 40% since 2010

Housing prices in Bulgaria have risen by about 39% in the period from 2010 to the second quarter of this year. This is shown by Eurostat data.

The increase in Bulgaria is around the average for the European Union. In comparison, prices rose the most in Estonia – by 133%, in Luxembourg (111%) and Hungary (109%). Romania has risen the least, by about 11 per cent, and prices have fallen in four Member States. These are Spain, Cyprus, Italy and Greece, with the latter declining to 28%.

Rental prices in our country have risen by about 15%, and we are again at the average level. The biggest increase is again in Estonia – by 142%, followed by Lithuania (109%) and Ireland (66%). There is a decrease only in Greece – by 25 percent, and in Cyprus – by 3%.

In the second quarter of 2021, house prices and rents rose on average in the EU by 1.3% and 7.3% on an annual basis. Since the second quarter of 2011, rents have been steadily rising, while house prices have fluctuated significantly, according to Eurostat. However, since 2015, their growth has been constant.



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