Housing credit, only with score – El Sol de Durango

“We feel that there is misleading advertising by housing agencies, since they tell you that with 6 two-month periods or one year of contributions you can reach the credit, and it is not like that, you have to reach a score”declared Salvador Chavez Molina president of the National Chamber of Housing Developers (CANADEVI).

He also pointed out that only middle-income workers and above are being served, while low-income workers are not, which raises concern because then they are growing irregularly around the urban sprawl in the capital.

He explained that there is an inventory of housing, but the commercialization is taking time because the housing agencies that are dedicated to supervision are very inflexible in the application of the regulations, which mainly affects the worker, for what they consider is not the appropriate or timely manner.

“We have finished housing that we have not been able to collect for documents that are one hundred percent required, and that despite the fact that we already have water, drainage, electrification and lighting services, we do not have the documents to obtain positive supervisions, appraisals and credits.

He said that it is necessary to work very hard with the INFONAVIT y FOVISSSTE, because at the moment it is getting quite complicated, and it is also necessary that more family or residential loans be presented, since only 2 or 3 have been registered.

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