Housing benefit: How to appeal against a housing benefit decision.

HOUSING BENEFIT claims may be turned down or you may not get as much money as you expected. Here you can find out how you can appeal against a housing benefit decision if this is the case.

Housing benefits can be used by low-income, unemployed or other benefits to pay rent. Only certain groups of people can claim a new entitlement to housing benefit, as it has been replaced by the universal loan. If you claim this and are not satisfied with the answer, you can appeal. Express.co.uk explains how to appeal a housing benefit decision.

Who can apply for housing benefit?

Typically, to get help with your rent, you should apply for a universal loan and receive the additional amount to cover housing costs.

However, one of the following options can make a new claim to housing benefit:

Those who receive or are entitled to the Severe Disability Award
Those who were or were entitled to the Severe Disability Award within the last month and are still entitled to it
Those who have reached retirement age
Those in assisted, sheltered, or temporary accommodation

Usually you can file a claim if:

Your savings will be over £ 16,000 – unless you receive a Guarantee Credit for a Pension Credit
You are paying a mortgage in your own home. You may receive Mortgage Interest Assistance (SMI).
You live in the home of a close relative
You are already applying for universal credit (unless you are in temporary or assisted housing).
You live with your partner and he is already applying for housing benefit
You are a full time student
You live as a jobseeker in the European Economic Area in Great Britain
You are an asylum seeker or you are sponsored to be in the UK
You are subject to immigration controls and the vacation you were granted states that you cannot claim any public funds
You are a crown tenant
You have reached the age of the state pension, but your partner has not – unless you were entitled as a couple before May 15, 2019
How to apply for housing benefit

You can use one of the benefit calculators to find out whether you are entitled to housing benefit.

You apply to your local authority or, if you are entitled, as part of a pension loan

You can find your municipality’s information here by entering your postcode.

Follow the directions on their website and claim it that way.

To apply for part of a retirement loan application, call the Government Pensions Department on 0800 99 1234 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. or dial 0800 169 0133 as a text phone.

If you want to apply, you will need to provide evidence and information.

For example, you should know how much rent you are paying, whether bills are included in the rent, whether you are paying a service fee and what information your landlord or broker provides.

You’ll also need to provide original copies of your most recent pay slips, bank or building society statements for the last two full months, and proof of income for non-dependents living with you.

The more information you can give when you call, the faster you will receive your claim.

How can I appeal against a housing benefit decision?

Once you have submitted all of your documents, the council should make a decision within two weeks.

Sometimes it can take longer if you don’t have all the information you need.

If you do not agree with the decision made, you should turn to the council again to question it.

You can ask the local council to reconsider a decision about housing benefit.

Each ward council may have a different complaint procedure. So you’ll need to check your local council’s website or give them a call to find out how to complain.

You will usually have to appeal within a month of the original decision.

You need to explain to the council why you are appealing, send evidence, and explain your reasons to an independent court if the council does not agree with you.

You can seek help from your nearest citizens council to write to the council or decide what evidence to send.

You may be asked to fill out a form or write a letter.

When you need to write a letter, Citizens Advice has explained exactly what to include.

They recommend that you write “calling” at the top of your letter and include the following:

all reference numbers on your housing benefit letters
Your full name and address
Your social security number
the date of the decision
why do you think the decision is wrong

The website explains, “The most important part is explaining why the decision is wrong. Include the specific reasons why you do not agree with this.

“Look at your decision letter and list any statements that you disagree with and why.

“Describe any evidence you send to the council and how it supports your reasons for not agreeing with their decision.”

You can find more information on the website for citizen advice and on the website of your local council.

Who can apply for housing benefit?
How to apply for housing benefit
How can I appeal against a housing benefit decision?

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