Houses, apartments: prices in the most coveted cities of Ile-de-France

You probably already knew that the prices of old houses have been exploding for a few months around Paris. As for apartments, the rise in prices is on the contrary tending to slow down… they could even drop slightly by the beginning of 2021. Here are the two main lessons of the notaries of Greater Paris, in a study published at the end of November. For Capital, the notaries have since gone even further: they have studied the prices of old real estate in the ten cities that recorded the most transactions in the third quarter of 2020, municipality by municipality. And this in each Ile-de-France region. Thus, 70 towns were scrutinized by the notaries: 30 in the inner suburbs, 40 in the outer suburbs. Here, then, in each department, are the price trends for houses and apartments in the ten most active cities in Ile-de-France at the moment.

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Seine-et-Marne: very affordable houses in Meaux, Melun and Savigny-le-Temple

Among the ten most dynamic municipalities in the department are Meaux, Melun or Savigny-le-Temple. These three municipalities stand out as being those where real estate prices – both for houses and apartments – are the most affordable. Thus in Melun, the selling prices of houses were recorded on average at 262,900 euros by notaries. That is an increase of 12% over one year. In Savigny-le-Temple, the value of houses has reached similar levels: 269,700 euros on average, an increase of 4% over one year. Conversely, the communes of Meaux (-1%) and Villeparisis (-3%) were the only ones to record price reductions on houses during the last quarter. Note that in Fontainebleau, apartments are exchanged at 3,730 euros per square meter on average. That is nearly 400 euros less than in Montévrain (4,160 per square meter on average) and 100 euros less than in Bussy-Saint-Georges (3,850 euros per square meter).

Yvelines: prices plummet in Versailles and Sartrouville

Surprise: in Versailles, one of the most expensive towns in the department, house prices are plummeting. The average price of their transaction was 946,300 euros in the third quarter, almost 9% less than a year earlier! However, prices remain very high there, compared to other highly sought-after towns in the department. Houses exchange 435,600 euros in Poissy, 682,500 euros in Chatou, or 423,300 euros in Sartrouville! Sartrouville, in fact, stands out from the other communes of the department by falling prices for its apartments. In the third quarter of 2020, the square meter was 3,260 euros on average. That is a 7% drop in prices in one year.

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Essonne: houses under 400,000 euros almost everywhere

In Essonne, in most of the towns most sought after by buyers, house prices remain below 400,000 euros in the third quarter of 2020. Only the town of Massy (415,600 euros on average) is an exception. In contrast, the pavilions are much more affordable for buyers in Evry (279,000 euros on average), Longjumeau (318,900 euros) or even 224,300 euros in Corbeil-Essonne. Note a spectacular surge in prices in the town of Montgeron, where houses are bought on average 12% more expensive (370,900 euros) than last year.

Hauts-de-Seine: price records in Neuilly, Rueil-Malmaison and Antony discounted

In Hauts-de-Seine, it is mainly apartments that are traded on the real estate market. Unsurprisingly, it is once again the municipalities of Neuilly-sur-Seine (10,870 euros per square meter) and Levallois-Perret (9,940 euros per square meter) that are driving prices up in the department. At the same time, we note a very rapid growth in apartment prices in Montrouge (7,900 euros per square meter, up 12% over one year) and in Asnières-sur-Seine (6,720 euros, + 10% over one year). Finally, we can see that in Hauts-de-Seine, the municipalities of Antony (4,880 euros per average square meter) and Rueil-Malmaison (5,600 euros) seem to be much more affordable spots for smaller budgets.

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Seine-Saint-Denis: price increases almost everywhere for apartments

In Seine-Saint-Denis, the price of apartments has increased in almost all the most popular cities over the past year. All except one: Aulnay-sous-Bois. In this municipality, apartments traded on average at 2,800 euros per square meter in the third quarter of 2020, or 2% cheaper than the previous year. Conversely, prices have climbed 10% over one year in Saint-Denis (3,840 euros per square meter), and 10% in Aubervilliers (3,930 euros on average). On the house side, the two cheapest cities in this departmental top 10 turn out to be Sevran (267,500 euros on average) and Tremblay-en-France (276,700 euros).

Val-de-Marne: house prices explode in Créteil, those for apartments in Ivry-sur-Seine

Champigny-sur-Marne, Créteil, and Vitry-sur-Seine: these three cities are the only ones in the top 10 posting prices below 5,000 euros per square meter for apartments. In detail, they capped at 3,380 euros in Champigny-sur-Marne (+ 6% over one year), 3,570 euros in Créteil (+ 5% over one year) and 3,730 euros in Vitry-sur-Seine (+4 %). The largest price increases will be found in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (5,460 euros per square meter, + 8% over one year) and in Ivry-sur-Seine (5,230 euros, an increase of 11% in a year). On the house side, notaries have observed above all a significant surge in prices in Créteil (+ 27% over one year, reaching an average of 514,000 euros) and in Vitry-sur-Seine (+ 13%, reaching 465,800 euros on average).

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Val-d’Oise: price drops in Pontoise and sharp increases in Argenteuil

In the Val-d’Oise, two municipalities are seeing price drops on their old houses: Sarcelles (-10% over one year) and Pontoise (-11%). The pavilions are now selling there respectively at 256,700 euros and 298,300 euros on average. Conversely, they increased by 14% on average in Herblay, reaching 377,600 euros. The most expensive municipality remains Montmorency, with average prices of 510,800 euros for houses. On the apartment side, prices have increased very strongly in Ermont (+ 14% over one year), reaching an average of 3,470 euros per square meter. But also in Argenteuil (+ 12% over one year), to settle on average at 3,140 euros per square meter.

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