House arrest for cats. Australians were upset by the disputed ban

The people of Knox are rebelling against a ban issued by the city council. It approved a 24-hour curfew for cats in the area. The regulation is to apply from 1 October this year.

The Council decided to take this step to protect local wildlife such as birds, opossums and snakes. Cats are dangerous for them, he writes Daily Mail.

The city management wants the owners to secure their cats. “Cats can still walk outside, but they have to stay on your property,” city officials warn.

For the first six months, there will be a transitional period during which owners will only be notified when their cat breaks the rules. Subsequently, there will be a fine of up to $ 91 (approximately 2,000 crowns). If it is a repeated violation of the ban, the fine can reach up to $ 500 (approximately 11 thousand crowns).

Cat owners do not agree with the ban. Either they will have to properly fence the land, which will cost them a lot of money, or they will have to lock the cats in cages.

Mayor Lisa Cooper said she personally opposed the ban, but was outvoted. It is said that her compromise proposal to ban cats from 7 pm to 7 am did not pass either.

During the pandemic, the interest in animals from shelters increased:



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