Hou Changrong: Pure performance creates an immortal classic

Hou Changrong: Pure performance creates an immortal classic

2022-09-17 19:50:41Source: Xi’an News Network

Hou Changrong, descendant of the Golden Yang Opera School. Compared to his reputation in Yangju’s dramatic world, his best-known role is undoubtedly version 87 of “Dream of Red Mansions”, in which he played two roles of King Peking and Liu Xianglian.

After a lapse of about 30 years, Hou Changrong entered Xi’an again, “I think Xi’an has been built very well, beyond my imagination, and has the style of going back to the prosperous Tang dynasty.” Prosperous Xi’an with his eyes of him, Hou Changrong hopes he will. If there is a chance, I can also shoot some dramas during the prosperous Tang dynasty.

Hou Changrong in front of the reporter was promoted from “national father” to “national grandfather”, but his roles as king Beijing and Liu Xianglian are still the main romantic figures in the minds of many viewers.

Speaking of his own work, Hou Changrong said bluntly: “If I didn’t have the experience of performing the work, I wouldn’t dare take on this role.” According to Hou Changrong, the work is an art that comes from life and is superior to life The true “art”. He is grateful that opera has nourished all aspects of his life, and is also grateful that the opera experience has given him the utmost confidence to participate in “A Dream of Red Mansions”.

The music of “A Dream of Red Mansions” has become a classic in the minds of many people. The 13 songs including “Overture”, “The Song of Burial Flowers” and “Red Bean Song” were composed by singer-songwriter Wang Liping. them, just one song “The Song of Burial Flowers” took a long time, years and nine months. After many years, after experiencing the understanding of life, Bao Daichai and life, when he spoke of these songs again, Hou Changrong burst into tears at the moment: “It (the song in” A Dream of Red Mansions “) does not it’s a formal sense of beauty, but a real feeling, it can touch your tendons at once. “

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Speaking of version 87 of “Dream of Red Mansions”, which has never tired of broadcasting and has so far been praised, Hou Changrong said that it changed its life trajectory in the following years, because in addition to the opera stage, he also had the opportunity to participate in many TV series, such as Huangmei Music The movie “Home Spring and Autumn”.

“I particularly like” Home Spring and Autumn “, because I hear a lot about Juexin and the virtues of traditional men are reflected in him.” Also because of this drama, a girl left a message to Hou Changrong on Weibo: It was because of “Spring and Autumn at home” with Mr. Hou, she fell in love with Ba Jin, “Spring and autumn at home “, and fell in love with literature. She studied science and was finally admitted to the Peking University Literature Department. As one of the jobs he starred in influenced a person’s outlook on life and life path, and ultimately did a good job, Hou Changrong sighed a lot: “The power of literary and artistic work cannot be underestimated. , it will subtly affect a person. “

Text / Image: Tang Jiaxin, Xi’an Newspaper Industry All-Media Reporter intern

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