Hot Wheels Unleashed in trailer and gameplay. Small cars are entering the arenas

Milestone has just presented the first material from Hot Wheels Unleashed. The production will be of interest to fans of fast driving, during which every corner will be of great importance. See the gameplay from the races.

Hot Wheels Unleashed was initially leaked at the Microsoft store, later we got the full announcementand now we can check out the trailer and gameplay. The title of the Italian studio Milestone may turn out to be a bull’s eye for players who have been collecting (or still do?) Small cars for years, because in this case we will also get the opportunity to create our own garage.

The gameplay in Hot Wheels Unleashed looks very dynamic, and thanks to the route editor, we can be sure that the position will not run out of spectacular races. The creators focus on fully arcade fun, but taking into account the license used – you can basically say that it was a really good move.

Milestone races look very nice, and it’s worth remembering that the premiere will take place on September 30. The title is going to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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