Hot Olivia Munn in the sauna with girlfriends in Insta photos


Actress Olivia Munn is a striking appearance and on the silver screen we saw her in, among other things, as Psylocke in the X-Men film X-Men: Apocalypse from 2016 and a researcher in The Predator from 2018. She will also have many roles in larger films in the coming years.

Where she also scores well is on Instagram where she regularly posts some clickbait photos for her 2.7 million followers. In two new photos we see her sitting in a sauna with three friends. She herself is in long pants and a sweater. Her friends are much more sparsely dressed.

“Pro Tip: If your friends are constantly filming everything for social media, make sure you stay fully dressed, even in the sauna. They’ll no doubt do an impromptu photoshoot there too. No place is safe. @ Whitneycummings @esthermonster @annielederman, “ typed the funny Olivia in the photos that you can see below via the link.

Want to see 40-year-old Olivia Munn and her friends sitting in the sauna? Then check the photos on her Instagram-page.

If we look at her IMDb page, we see that she has two films in the planning. The first is already finished, the drama Violet also featuring Justin Theroux and Colleen Camp. The second is The Gateway, also featuring Frank Grillo and Keith David.

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