Hot news about the vaccine of “Modern”

Those vaccinated against the new coronavirus with the Moderna drug have immunity for at least six months, UPI reported. The results of the American study were published in the journal Science.

According to researchers from the California Institute of Immunology “La Hoya”, there are no indications that those immunized with two doses will need a third.
The vaccine provides long-term protection against COVID-19 in people of all ages, including those aged 70 and over, who have a higher risk of serious illness.

“The immune memory was stable and that impressed us,” said Professor Shane Croty, who co-authored the study. According to him, “this is a good indicator of the endurance” of the Moderna and Pfizer / Biontech vaccines, which are based on mRNA.

Most of the 35 people studied continued to have high levels of antibodies six months after receiving both doses of Moderna.

This period is enough for the body to form an “immune memory” against Covid-19, which means that protection against the vaccine can last longer, experts explain.



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