Hot news about the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

A booster (additional) dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine is sharply raising antibody levels, according to interim data from early-stage studies, the US company said on Wednesday.

According to this study, a second dose of the J&J single-dose vaccine resulted in levels of the so-called “binding antibodies” in the body, which are nine times higher than levels 28 days after people received their first dose, the company said in a statement.

Unlike “neutralizing” antibodies that kill the coronavirus, “binding” antibodies attach to the virus but do not kill it or prevent infection. Instead, they alert the immune system to the presence of the virus so that white blood cells can be activated to kill it.

The company backed up its claim with data from a Phase 2 study conducted in the United States and Europe. The study included 2,000 people who were given the second dose of a single vaccine between six and eight months after vaccination with the first dose.

“We found that one dose of our Covid-19 vaccine generated strong and healthy immune responses that were lasting and lasting for eight months.

With this new data, we see that the booster dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine further increases the antibodies among study participants who previously received our vaccine, “said Matthew Mamen, global head of the company’s R&D branch.



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