Hot again, China asked the US to leave the cold war mentality

ILLUSTRATION. China asks the United States (US) to stop attacks and unwarranted accusations against China.

Source: Reuters | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat

KONTAN.CO.ID – TOKYO. China asks the United States (US) to stop attacks and unwarranted accusations against China. The Chinese Embassy in Japan accused US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of maliciously of creating political confrontation and tarnishing Beijing.

Pompeo on Tuesday visited Japan and called for deeper cooperation with Australia, India and Japan to counter China‘s growing regional influence.

“Pompeo has repeatedly faked lies about China and maliciously created political confrontation,” wrote the Chinese Embassy in Japan in a statement quoted. Reuters, Wednesday (7/10).

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“We once again urge the US to abandon the cold war mentality and ideological prejudice, stop unwarranted accusations and attacks against China and treat relations with China constructively,” said the Chinese Embassy.

Pompeo’s visit to East Asia, the first in more than a year, coincided with worsening tensions with China.

The United States and China, the world‘s top two economies, are at odds over issues ranging from Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus to the adoption of new security laws in Hong Kong and China‘s ambitions in the South China Sea.

Pompeo’s call for the United States, Japan, India and Australia to form a united front against China‘s growing influence is a sensitive subject for his regional allies, which depend on China for trade.


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