Hossam Mowafi reveals the difference between chest pain and clots in menopause


Wednesday 21 September 2022

I wrote – Nada Sami:

Dr Hossam Mawafi, a professor of intensive care medicine at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, says women in their forties are prone to chest pain, which increases fear of a heart problem and in most cases it is the cause of menopause.

“Mwafi” explains through the Bab Al-Khalq program broadcast on the Al-Nahar channel, that chest pain in menopausal women is more dangerous than exposure to clots, due to the difficulty in convincing the patient that she does not have a chest problem. , and the patient’s refusal to respond to treatment, which helps exacerbate the problem.

The Professor of Critical Medicine points out that it is possible to distinguish between chest pain resulting from angina or menopause by the nature, duration and degree of pain the patient experiences, and when a normal electrocardiogram and an electrocardiogram with effort are performed, and the results are normal and commensurate with age and state of health, in those cases. The case does not require an advanced medical examination such as catheterization.

Mowafi states that the cause of chest pain that occurs in women at this stage are hormonal changes that occur in the body that cause a feeling of sadness and mood swings and lead to organic pain such as chest pain and joint pain.

How to deal with menopausal women?

Mowafi says women during that time are in need of care and attention and understand that what they are going through is out of their control, but rather because of the changes happening in them, and they also need to give some advice to help them. to overcome it period, such as:

Eat healthy, balanced meals.

– Get rid of excess weight.

Get enough sleep.

Take dietary supplements that reduce the severity of symptoms.

Exercise regularly.

Avoid exposure to stress or tension.

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