Hospital patients in India raped by doctors and medical staff before being killed

NEW DELHI, – One patient 20 years old at hospital India reported raped by doctor and medical staff before being killed.

Before dying in the incident in Manjhanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the victim confessed to her parents that she had been raped.

When the victim’s father reported it to the hospital management, he got the answer that his daughter was suffering from psychiatric disorders.

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After he was found dead, his father met with local district officials and requested that an investigation be carried out, reported The Deccan Herald.

Police said they were investigating the allegations, with the doctors and medical staff involved reportedly running away.

It all started when the patient, who came from Kokhraj, was rushed to the hospital complaining of fever and stomach ache.

News later spread that she was gang-raped by medical workers, before she died on the suspicion she was murdered.

A senior official in Kaushambi District insisted action would be taken. “We will take firm action. This hospital permit will be frozen,” he said.

Hospital manager Sanjiv Kumar denied the allegations, calling the allegations against the medical facility he runs a “conspiracy”.

Reported Daily Mail Tuesday (3/11/2020), an incident in Uttar Pradesh has reopened cases of rape and murder in the capital New Delhi.

Based on data from India’s Criminal Records Bureau, there are 90 cases of rape reported every day in “The Land of Bollywood”.

Even so, the number is believed to be greater than that because many victims do not report because of the fear and stigma they can get.

Last week, another 21-year-old patient was raped unconscious while being treated in intensive care for tuberculosis.

Then in another attack, a 17 year old teenager was kidnapped and sexually assaulted for 22 days in a rice field while he was running from home.

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