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Are you looking for a meaningful job, aren’t you afraid of contact with strangers or want to overcome them and would you like to dedicate some of your time to it? Are you ready to come to terms with your biography, but also with your finiteness? Are you not afraid of the topics of death, death and pain or are you willing to tackle these topics?

A non-binding information event for the preparation course for end-of-life care will take place on 11 January at 15:00 in the rooms of the outpatient hospice group in Bottrop eV, Gladbecker Straße. 20, 46236 Bottrop. The outpatient hospice group currently has 68 active members who work in terminal and bereavement care, but also in public relations. Due to the consistently high demand, a new course for dedicated volunteers is planned for this year.

In a 9-month qualifying course, you will be trained by coordinators Anja Lenzyk and Christiane Raffel to accompany seriously ill and dying people and their relatives in the home environment, in nursing homes, hospitals and hospices. Dealing with yourself, motivation, biography and self-care form an essential part of the course, but the topics of communication, death processes, stages of mourning and spirituality are also worked out together with you, as well as hospices and palliative care facilities in Bottrop.

– Announcement –

We are looking for people with a wide range of skills and talents. Accompaniments are as diverse as the people. Volunteers often start out with the expectation that discussion of illness, suffering, goodbye and pain will come to the fore and are surprised when conversations turn to everyday things. Other accompaniments start with walks together and visits to cafés: life is in the foreground and only as the disease progresses can it become a problem. However, end-of-life caregivers must also be able to tolerate silence, slowly approaching the needs of the person they are caring for and who is often no longer able to tell them verbally what is good for them. They read, listen to music, sing or hold hands. At the same time, they are interlocutors for the family and friends of seriously ill and dying people.

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To support and accompany their work as assistants of the dynasty, regular supervision and improvement courses are held. In personal discussions you will receive support for your work, joint celebrations and excursions also offer the opportunity for a collegial exchange. All concerned should be able to ensure some continuity, as terminal care is a voluntary activity, but the work of the hospice team is not without a certain degree of
reliability is possible. Registration is desirable, but spontaneously interested persons are also welcome this afternoon. If you are unable to attend on January 11, you are welcome to make another personal appointment with us. Current Corona regulations apply.

Telephone: 02041/763812 or 0171/2645001
Email: [email protected]

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