Horses died in an accident on the A50 near Oss, the animals ran away on the motorway

Two horses died Thursday night on the A50 near Oss. They were walking on the highway and were hit by two truck drivers.

“The horses were killed almost instantly.” inform a traffic inspector in Rijkswaterstaat. Where the horses come from is under investigation.

Truck recovered
The collision occurred on the road from Arnhem to Eindhoven. After the accident, a truck had to be recovered.

The truck drivers were not injured in the accident.

Closed lane
A lane was closed to remove the bodies of deceased horses and to clean the road surface. The lane closure resulted in a ten-kilometer traffic jam around a quarter to seven on Friday morning. This resulted in a delay of over half an hour from the Ewijk interchange. The closed lane was reopened around 7 am.

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