Horror. What happened to Sashka Vaseva after the operation

Sashka Vaseva continues to recover from the brain tumor, albeit at a very slow pace. Thanks to her husband, the businessman Hristo Bakardjiev, Vaseva was placed in an elite sanatorium in Germany, where specialists took care of her health from “a” to “z”.

The singer of “Lions in Marks” managed to keep her feet on the ground mentally, despite the severe surgical operations that German doctors performed to remove a tumor from her brain.

Vaseva’s husband made an appointment with a dentist because the singer’s teeth were in a deplorable condition due to the infusions of vital chemical substances through systems – a process that lasted for months. The medical fluids made her teeth brittle and needed urgent repairs.

Sashka insisted on having a perfect look, because she was firmly convinced that one day she would return home, and then she would go on stage to please her fans. Winged by hope, she was determined to get new teeth to regain her charming smile, writes “Weekend”.

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