Horror! These Countries Will Feel Putin’s Revenge


Russian President Vladimir Putin is furious! This is because Russia has received repeated sanctions from various countries as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has released the country is not friendly with Russia, the more serious it is to take revenge.

Quoted from ReutersTuesday last week (10/5/2022), Putin’s response was to ask hostile countries to pay for the purchase of fuel from Russia in Russian rubles.

Countries that are included in the list of unfriendly countries are required to open an account at a private Russian bank, Gazprombank. So, payments for fuel transactions in euros and dollars can be converted to rubles.

Countries that do not comply with these rules will have their purchases stopped. That’s what happened to Poland and Bulgaria.

Currently Putin ordered experts to form a working team to create an infrastructure or rules for international payments in rubles.

The working team was led by the Russian Presidential Advisor, Maxim Oreshkin, including high-ranking officials such as the Governor of the Russian Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina. The move to the rules for payment in rubles is planned to reduce the risk of freezing nearly half of Russia’s $640 billion foreign exchange reserves.

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Putin’s list of hostile countries, quoted from the TASS News Agency citing a decree by the Russian government, on the next page. Direct click

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