Horror! Rollercoaster Collision in Germany, 34 Injured and 2 Critically


34 people were reported injured with 2 in critical condition as a result of two rollercoasters at Legoland German collided on Thursday (11/8).

On Thursday (11/8/2022), there was a collision between two rollercoaster trains at the Legoland amusement park in Guenzburg, Germany. One train braked hard, while another train hit him.

According to a Legoland spokesperson, the accident occurred on the Fire Dragon rollercoaster ride. This incident resulted in 34 people being injured. 2 of them were seriously injured.



In response to this incident, three helicopters have been dispatched along with rescue teams and firefighters.

Reported from The Guardianthe cause of this collision is not yet known with certainty.

This rollercoaster accident is not the first to happen in German. The previous week, a 57-year-old woman died in a fall from a rollercoaster.

The woman fell when rollercoaster is operating. This incident took place at an amusement park in Klotten. Reported The Guardianthe cause of this accident has not yet been determined.

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