Horror! Female Tourist Raped Opposite Notre Dame Cathedral


Sexual harassment what happened to tourists happened again. This time the victim was raped in the toilet opposite the holy place Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which is crowded with tourists, has become a crime scene. Reported The Sunrecently there was an act of rape on a tourist from the United States (US).

The victim actually came to Notre Dame with her lover. It’s just that they had to separate for a while because the victim wanted to go to the toilet.



The victim went into the toilet near the Louis Philippe bridge across from the cathedral. Meanwhile her lover was waiting outside.

“The American woman was walking along the banks of the Seine at the end of Saturday night with her partner, then went into the toilet. The location was well lit and there were a lot of people around but the woman’s boyfriend was worried because his girlfriend had been in the toilet for a long time,” investigators said.

After waiting for a long time, the lover wondered why the victim did not come out of the toilet. He finally decided to go to the toilet and heard a woman’s voice crying.

After being investigated, he finally found his girlfriend crying in one of the toilet cubicles. Her lover cries after being attacked by an unknown person.

The victim explained that she was trying to save herself while her boyfriend and other women in the toilet tried to catch the perpetrators of the rape. Soon the police arrived and arrested the culprit.

The perpetrator is a citizen of North African origin who lives homeless in Paris. The perpetrator denied that he had raped. He said the activities he carried out had been approved by the female tourist.

However, the police still detained the man. Meanwhile, the victim was rushed to the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The victim has also returned to the US with her lover. However, he is still in contact with the police and prosecutors in Paris to investigate his case.

The area where the rape took place was actually very crowded with tourists. However, complaints of violations of the law are often found, especially aggressive youths who threaten passers-by.

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