Horrible find: – Hands tied behind his back

Construction workers made a gruesome discovery while digging to build new retirement homes in a village in south-east England.

They dug up all around 80 unknown skeletons and the place turned out to be a mass grave, writes The Independent.

Now archaeologists are trying to solve the mystery of the bodies.

No valuables

It was in Buckinghamshire in England that the bodies were found in late 2019. It must have been from between Roman times and the 18th century, writes the BBC.

They were not buried “organized” cemetery or buried in a Christian way.

No valuables have been found with the skeletons, according to The Independent.

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Former prisoners

Buckingham City Councilman Robin Stuchbury told local newspaper Miltonkeynes that “they had their hands tied behind their backs, which could mean that they were prisoners of some kind.ยป

He further said:

– They can be traced back to Anglo-Saxon times, when there was murder in Buckingham, or from the Civil War, which also saw victims. Or they may be criminals who were hanged on the gallows in the village.

Historian Ed Grimsdale sa til BBC that it may be “one of the greatest finds” of its kind.

Anglo-Saxons are a common term for the population in Great Britain who were descendants of the Germanic tribes who immigrated to Britain from Jutland and the German North Sea coast in the second half of the 400s, according to Store norske leksikon.

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Committed politicians

Local politicians have asked that funds be given to solve it, writes lokalavisa Buckinghamshire Live.

It was the councilor, Robin Stuchbury, who requested that an internal report be prepared to “clarify what happened and in what date period.”

– As you know, a number of bodies were uncovered during excavations prior to the work on (…) Buckingham for a planned care home, he said, pointing out that investigations may have been delayed due to financial problems between the developers and a company that offers archaeological services that have been going on for a long time.

– If this is the case, what measures can the council implement to find a quick solution, he asked according to the newspaper.

Next week, the municipal council will decide what to do, they write further.


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