Horoscope on Wednesday, April 7: Good luck today to the brave! Be predatory


Spring is finally in full swing here, the period you have been looking forward to so much! And you also promised yourself that you would focus on improving your physical condition. Today, walk home from work and pull your sportswear out of the closet. It’s high time.


Today, it will give entrepreneurs a chance for a good contract. If you find out about the competition, do not hesitate to apply. It is not worth hesitating and waiting during this period. Good luck to the brave, so don’t stand in a corner and be really predatory now!


You suffer from quality and you do not intend to be satisfied with things that are cheap, but nothing will last. In April, the planets allow you to enjoy yourself whenever you want. So go for a thing today that won’t let you sleep for a long time. It’s your day!


Both Venus and Mercury in Aries now give you great judgment and sharp intuition. Nevertheless, there may be times when you act very hastily, especially when it comes to work matters. Today, there is a danger that you will overlook an important thing as a result of your impatience.

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Today you will encounter emotions that you essentially hate and are foreign to you as a royal and majestic sign. These are, for example, envy or jealousy. Someone will ventilate them around you. Even if they don’t directly concern you, you will be genuinely disgusted by them.

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Thanks to the influence of Jupiter in Aquarius, you can easily negotiate with everyone today and deal with what has stagnated so far. Use brilliant communication skills for your career as well. They will also help you in passing various exams and interviews. You have success in your pocket in advance!


Do not consider your much older colleagues as residents of Jurassic Park and old-fashioned individuals. Their education is no worse than yours and their life experiences are invaluable. Today, in your spirit, you will apologize for your opinions, their advice will help you a lot.


Once you have one task at work today, you will be actively looking for another. Colleagues shake their heads and some of you have climbers. This is because your work efforts and commitment have already been noticed by your superiors. And maybe premiums will come!

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You won’t feel best at work today. Will you think exactly what is behind it – is it a migraine, spring fatigue or miserable condition? Poisoning from your routine work will also occur to you as an option. In this case, it is necessary to change the job position.


You are pleased with the status of your bank account and you also enjoy the smooth flow of money that flows to you. Today you will say that you deserve something special for your merits. Reward yourself for your work performance and choose something that is guaranteed to delight you.

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It took the commissioned a long time to find a solid partner with reasonable opinions. You would like to have a long and happy relationship with him. The question is whether the counterpart sees this that way. Talk about it today in peace and you will both finally know what you are up to.


During this period, under the influence of Mars in Gemini, you can easily communicate with most people. Today, however, someone will appear near you with whom an agreement will not be possible. He will stand up for himself and insult those who disagree with him. Neither kind nor strict rhetoric will help.


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