Horoscope on Monday, November 22: Today you will be surprised by a colleague

The sun will enter Sagittarius today and you will feel a surge of energy. Today you should do everything in moderation. Don’t overdo it and stick to the wall.


On Monday, all the saints will be watching over you, because you will be able to slip out of a situation that seemed very complicated. Celebrate it nicely with your loved ones and friends and most importantly try to be much more careful next time.


Communicating with the people at work will not cause you the slightest problem, but where you will be surprisingly less talkative is your home. Here today you would rather need more peace of mind for your own thoughts and then a different social society.


The sun is entering the sign of Sagittarius today and will have quite unconventional demands on you. Whether it is your job or your loved ones, you can be prepared for the fact that there is nothing left but to do in all areas of your life.


On Monday, your nature will prove to be a somewhat inappropriate combination of enjoying the calm pulse of life, as well as the needs for material security. You have to compromise on a calm pace, because otherwise security will be difficult.

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Your Sun ruler will move to Sagittarius today and you will be haunted by thoughts of what is and what is wrong. You can’t avoid philosophy, whether it’s your work matters or your inner ones. You just can’t be too reluctant!


Don’t blame anyone for their past mistakes. He won’t do anything to them anyway. Much more important is what it is right now. At work, focus on the various small tasks that you do at other times, but you could be in trouble today.


Remember today that if you pull people together with people around you, you will be much stronger together than you would be. You should therefore spend time with your partner, family or friends.


Relationships will get a little out of hand at the beginning of the week, but if you don’t be discouraged by various exchanges of views, you could end up doing things that would make you quite happy. You also won’t get too much rest in your home, but you have to fight.

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The sun will enter your sign today and you will feel a surge of energy. You won’t have much time to rest, but you won’t mind that much, because you like whip. But be careful what your friends tell you, they need advice.


You can’t keep an eye on something your friend or colleague is doing, and for some reason you don’t agree. So don’t be afraid to tell him your objections in a very specific way and you will see how he will react to them in the end. Maybe in the end you will be surprised.


Today you should do everything in moderation. Don’t overdo it and stick to the wall, it wouldn’t be worthwhile for you to run into conflicts. But you will definitely need to have someone with whom you can debate.


You will be pleased with the confidence of your boss, who will show you that you are doing your job well and that you do not just need to lead by the hand all the time. There will also be peace at home and you will think that Monday has been quite successful after a long time and is bearable.




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