Horoscope for Thursday, October 28: Quarrels await you at home

Mercury and Mars in Libra now arouse a great desire to travel in you. The starry sky foretells clashes of opinion at home. Avoid conflicts and stand it.


You will continue to feel more and more confident and you will have your rest under control. On today’s holiday you meet friends and you are sociable. Since you want to get great news, you should do everything you can to get ready for work as soon as possible.


Do what he thinks right today. It’s free, so take advantage of it! Have fun, meet new and old friends during the evening, at night and calmly during the coming morning. Sometimes you also have to kick your hoof. And if you are attracted to solitude, then enjoy it to the fullest.


A new colleague will be an interesting nut for you. While you think about what a national holiday is, he will think just about you. So you will have each other’s heads full, which will lead to the fact that neither of you will have a peaceful sleep.


If you are also at work on a holiday, today it is very difficult for you to endure various gossip in the workplace. And what makes you even worse is the possible tactlessness on the part of your colleagues or even people from your immediate area. This is nothing for your feeling.

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Today, it will tempt you to return to places where you have experienced real collegial cooperation and the joy of small successes. That’s a great idea! Meeting people with whom you share beautiful memories will bring enthusiasm, and you need it.


Your darling can bring a boost to your life. However, the beauty flaw here may be the displeasure of your employer, who does not like your passion for privacy and would rather see you working overtime in your company, which you do not take and strike.


Today, the starry sky foretells clashes of opinion, which will certainly not benefit the home atmosphere in the second half of the day. So try to compromise and then everything will be much easier than you think. A lot depends on your current expression.


You will finally get control of some things that made your smile a few days ago, and you will finally be freer. You deserve success in every case, so definitely do not resist it, let your life light up with satisfaction and also time for love.

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You will struggle with deadlines, and since you are no wrestler, they will initially roll you. Only when you try to do it more tactically will things start to develop to your advantage, which you definitely deserve. So persevere and don’t back down.


Even if it’s free, Thursday will demand your full commitment, because only then will you be able to meet all your commitments without having to explain later why some things aren’t done yet. They will understand it at home, and if not, try to explain it to them.


Mercury and Mars in Libra now arouse in you a great desire to travel. Plan a business trip, and if nothing is going on at work, pack up your family and go into the distance with them. You can also be addressed by sudden creative impulses on these journeys.


At home they will have an understanding for your various fads, but again, do not switch their patience! That would not pay off for you, and you would then have to reconcile them for a very long time. A good mood is also needed, so try to focus on it.




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