Horoscope for Thursday, November 11: The stars promise blessings today

Mars in Scorpio stops drinking from your vitality and frees your hands for action in your private and professional life. Jupiter in Pisces is a blessing for finances these days.


Jupiter in Pisces is a blessing for rams these days. Pay increased attention to the domestic economy, count and think about investing in the future. If you are dealing with some economic difficulties, there is an easy way out.


Mars in Scorpio stops drinking from your vitality and frees your hands for action in your private and professional life. Don’t resist any news that opens up in front of you. And relaxation can also be observed in interpersonal relationships. A positive attitude drives you to happiness.


The tense atmosphere appears mainly in fresh relationships. You can suddenly see flies in your new discovery, and quite possibly you feel that they outweigh its pros. Sharper exchanges of views will not be an exception. Long-term relationships can fight jealousy.


You are finally starting to prosper at work. You do the job with ease and you also enjoy it. You no longer have to work from one to the other, it looks like a lucrative job that will suit your taste. Bravo, Racks, your career is starting to prosper.

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As animal kings, you have trouble admitting a mistake. In the secret of your soul, you feel that not everything may be exactly as you thought, but you will not say it out loud. That’s why you get in trouble with your family. Watch out for strong words, she would come back to you one day.


It is not easy to listen to, but the opposite opinion of others may not be to the detriment. On the contrary, the stars reveal that it is enriching in many ways. Discuss, listen and don’t be bound by conventions. The world is evolving and it would be a shame to get stuck.


Travel is green, especially shorter business trips. If you get up from your work chair, you will come across interesting offers and stir up stagnant thinking. You will see the events from a different perspective and you will understand that this is not the way to solve them.


As mid-November approaches, it seems as if Mars, in your sign, would like to apologize for the recent outbursts and redeem its actions with the best it can. It promises financial gains, favorable developments in employment and plans for the benefits themselves.

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The atmosphere at work is getting a bit thicker today. Someone from colleagues or clients does not suit you and you can get into a dispute. Try to put aside personal sympathy and act like professionals. This will save you unnecessary annoyance and problems.


Dear Capricorns, the card is in your favor the second week of November! Mars in Scorpio promises to improve the atmosphere in the workplace. A big stone will fall from your heart, and you will also get the opportunity to make big money. You definitely shouldn’t waste it.


Under the influence of Venus in Capricorn, you are experiencing a complete boom in your private life. Singles can come across an admirable person or get a long-term partnership out of a stereotype. Thanks also to your partner, who makes sure that love does not become unusual and has enough stimuli.


Dear Rybky, from today it is not true that you sail with the crowd. Action Mars amplifies a specific way of penetrating you, which will be reflected in all spheres of life. You definitely don’t wait for someone to find you in the corner. You follow your needs, desires and life goals.




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