Horoscope for Saturday, September 18: Quarrels and conflicts. You will not pay today for the frame

Venus in Scorpio is going to spice up the home atmosphere a bit, so be prepared for a more stressful period. In addition, the squaring of Mars causes it to irritate you and get you into unpleasant conflicts.


The beginning of the weekend will be a small holiday for you, which you will celebrate with your loved ones in peace. Also, indulge in a smaller reward that you definitely deserve, and be sure that there are those who will try to convince you otherwise.


The family is an important part of this day, and your children remain the main fulfillment and source of joy. As before, they give you taste and zeal and you are looking forward to the free time you can spend with them. Therefore, enjoy it to the fullest.


The happiness of the family background has a bit of a swing character, so you can’t count on stability or long-lasting peace. There are a lot of worries around the apartment or garden, and they are not always possible to solve without frictions. If you are planning a larger reorganization, go for it!


Family matters become the domain of this day, which is, after all, your own sign. However, this time Venus in Scorpio is going to spice up the home atmosphere a bit, so be prepared for a more stressful period. However, you have a knack for different solutions.

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Fortunately, today you are bursting with energy like a power plant, so something just won’t put you on your shoulders. The female part of the family longs for shorter but frequent trips, while children prefer adrenaline activities, what more to do? A little from everyone.


The September period does not bring you the desired effect yet, and on the contrary, you observe that many do not appreciate your efforts. The quadrature of Mars causes it to irritate you and you get into unpleasant conflicts. You need more solitude and calm thinking. Relax more.


You are now an unprecedented benefit to all because you are the embodiment of kindness and helpfulness in fulfilling the desires of others. By the way, what you broadcast on the air is coming back to you like a boomerang, so today you can look forward to nice meetings, both at home and at work.


You should rather check everything and avoid unnecessary trouble. You can also deal with something unpleasant with your friend. You now fully understand this with the children, because you are connected by an intensified emotional bond. Also try to finish something broken at work.

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For family matters, there has long been a precarious standard, which can concern both family security and more frequent misunderstandings between you and your loved ones. But with good will, you can overcome a lot of problems that would not let you sleep.


Brother, sister or even neighbors are probably more spirited than usual and tend to exaggerate. Or, on the contrary, you overdo it by excessive moralizing, a bang is possible from both sides. On the contrary, you will find balance in nature, where you are.


If you started remodeling a house or apartment in the summer, September is perfect for finishing. With its trigon, Jupiter in Pisces gives you taste and optimism to move a good way forward. You may also enjoy a nice visit that you did not expect today.


The right time is coming. All dark corners can now shine, and you can also make them an interesting advantage. Your imagination is your best helper. You will be creative, you will be action-packed and you will also be very communicative, which will be appreciated by loved ones.




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