Horoscope for Friday, October 29: The crisis period will jeopardize your work

The influence of retrograde planets causes the boss to tend to blame you for selfishness, and you can hardly convince him otherwise. But don’t give up and after work, focus only on yourself or your family. Everyone will be irritated and Jupiter in Pisces is reporting danger. Avoid loans.


Today, your love affairs can be accompanied by confusion and difficulties, and these smiling troubles will culminate in the early evening. The friction of your loved ones is a clear indicator for exaggeration, so make a long nose at them by preferring to be pretty.


Establishing contact with a new supplier or client is a trifle for you! After all, you are the people of action, as the starry sky gives you today. Boredom is an unknown concept to you. Some Bulls may meet someone who will help them in their careers.


There is a risk of capsizing on the ship of collegial emotions! Due to the influence of retrograde planets, the boss tends to blame you for selfishness and you can hardly convince him otherwise. The period of crisis seems to be the time before the end of working hours, when you must not give in to urging and devoting yourself to yourself.


Keep your eyes open at a meeting or a distant business trip. Today, he is in favor of larger orders. In the second half of the day, however, the capricious sky changes the mood and brings a riddle rather than great creative sparks. But you can’t do anything.

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In the first part of the working day, your financial bonus is very favorable. With its cosmic gifts, the sky gives you a strong personal charm and, thanks to it, profitable social and personal relationships. Therefore, you can look forward to a rich day in all respects.


Watch out for the destructive mood around you today! Everyone will be irritated, and Jupiter in Pisces is reporting danger to an otherwise working relationship. Therefore, you should consider all the facts before accusing someone of any corporate machinations. That would otherwise creak.


Cultural, scientific and study activities, group events, long-distance collaborations – all of this, as the right guitarist of life, you strike the right string. In addition, someone from the area encourages you well and gives you enthusiasm, so everything has the right gradient.


Be careful, although the whole day will not be financially useless at all, there is already a turnaround in the evening, so you better not invest large sums. The costs are higher than you expected, with the most money being swallowed up by the issues associated with your great love. He knows what he wants.

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Although you may want to please your loved ones, you may run into a lack of money. In any case, avoid loans, because this is not the right time for more debt. The constellation suggests that you might not be able to repay as you need right now!


You are under the auspicious influence of a spontaneous and loving Venus, which motivates you to prefer the good even in work matters. Mercury in Libra also contributes to the company’s understanding and gives you the radiant eloquence you need to move more forward.


Today, you will hold back in a relationship unnecessarily. Do not hesitate to do something for yourself, you will be happier right away and your partner will also feel like the one who managed to fulfill some important wishes of his love, which is definitely counted in the partnership.


Don’t be sad if you’re still unlucky in all the areas you want. There is something new that could really please you. Even though you may not have expected to go in that direction, in the end it will be the best thing you could have.




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