Horeca outraged about leaked corona plans: ‘crazy work’

The catering industry reacts disappointed and angry at the leaked corona plans of the cabinet. According to sources, the 1.5-meter rule will be released as of September 25, but limited opening hours will remain for the catering industry and visitors must from now on show their CoronaCheck app at the catering industry, cinema and theater.

“Again, the catering industry remains the hardest hit,” responds the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland entrepreneurs’ association. “Where the whole of the Netherlands has actually already said goodbye to the 1,5 meter society, the cabinet is tightening the rules for the catering industry.”

KHN says it has taken note of the intended plans with disbelief and states that by far the most infections occur in home situations or at school. The trade association points out that the vaccination rate appears to be around 85 percent and wonders which catering restrictions are still necessary.


“As far as I’m concerned, this is no longer understandable,” says nightclub owner Jeroen van Broekhoven on behalf of Belangenvereniging Nachtbelang. “You keep the limited closing times and now also have to check the corona pass, that’s crazy.”

Van Broekhoven believes that the cabinet should provide financial assistance to his sector, now that the catering industry must remain closed between 24.00 and 06.00. “Not something that is structurally transferred too little and much too late. I have two colleagues who are still waiting for support.”

About the event industry, where tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Unmute Us protests across the country, the cabinet has reportedly not made any decisions yet. The sector is still being consulted today.

Public transport

The NS reacts resignedly to the proposed plans to keep face masks compulsory in public transport, while they are hardly used in the rest of society. A week ago, NS top woman Rintel said that the mouth mask obligation leads to difficult situations in trains and is no longer tenable.

“If the corona figures mean that the mouth cap must remain mandatory on the train for longer, we will of course understand that,” a spokesperson now responds. “We are not for or against the mask, but it is about consistency, especially at the station. It is important that it is and remains understandable for our travelers.”

The spokesperson does not expect enforcement of the obligation to become more difficult. “We address our travelers if they do not wear a mouth cap and we see that in practice that is often sufficient.”


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