Hope or gimmick? Charge to 80% in 8 minutes, GAC’s graphene-based battery is tentatively scheduled for mass production in September

Original title: Hope or gimmick? Charge to 80% in 8 minutes, GAC’s graphene-based battery is tentatively scheduled for mass production in September

On January 16, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.the companySecretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Zeng Qinghong revealed at the China Electric Vehicles Forum (2021) that GAC’s graphene-based super fast rechargeable battery has now entered the real cartestAt this stage, the first model to be equipped is the AION V, which is currently undergoing winter trials in Heihe and is tentatively scheduled for mass production in September this year.

Just the day before,GAC GroupWholly-owned subsidiaryGAC Ion released a poster about the new power battery technology, claiming that models equipped with graphene-based super fast rechargeable batteries can charge up to 80% in 8 minutes, and NEDC has a range of 1,000 kilometers. The poster mentioned that it had passed the most stringent safety test in history-battery shooting experiment, and obtained the exclusive battery safety certification of military industry standard, and pointed out that “you don’t have to wait until next year” and “will be mass-produced.”

As soon as this news came out,GAC GroupA-shares’ intraday daily limit, closing at 12.52 yuan per share, all dayDeal1.02 billion yuan;Hong Kong stocksLate synchronizationPull up, To receive 9.38Hong Kong dollar/Share; at the same time new energy vehiclesConcept stockAnd graphene stocks have risen.

It’s worth mentioning that this isWei LaiReleased 150kWh solid-state battery, SAIC andNingde eraAfter jointly developing batteries with “silicon-doped lithium batteries” technology, the domestic battery industry has once again attracted attention.

Zeng Qinghong said that the graphene fast charge battery has 6C fast charge capability, combined with high-power overcharge equipment, it can be charged to 80% in 8 minutes at the fastest. Combined with silicon anode material, the energy density can be increased to about 280wh/kg of cell density. Life is greater than 1600 cycles.At the same time, manufacturing productioncostReduced by more than 90%, the overall battery cost is slightly higher by 5%-8% compared with the cost of conventional power batteries on the market.

It is worth mentioning that,GAC GroupResearch on graphene technology has a long history. As early as 2014,GAC GroupStart the research and development of graphene technology. November 2019,GAC GroupThe self-developed “super fast charging battery” based on three-dimensional graphene (3DG) materials was officially announced. Last year GAC Technology Day,GAC GroupGeneral managerFeng Xingya said that in order to better promote graphene technologybusinessChemical application, GACinvestment+The way employees hold investment, jointly establish a graphene high-techindustryChemical company.In December last year, GAC GroupinteractiveThe platform revealed that graphene battery developmentjobsIn the ongoing process, it is expected that this technology will be introduced to the actual vehicle mass production test by the end of 2020, and whether it can finally achieve mass production still needs to wait for the actual vehicle verification results.

Public information shows that graphene materials have properties such as light weight, high strength, and super electrical conductivity, and are regarded as an important technology to improve battery charging speed and promote the advancement of power battery technology.Prospective Industry Research InstitutereportPoint out that China’s graphene industry is currentlymarketLead-in period,productImmature, industryprofitRate is lower, butMarket growth rateHigher. The graphene industry is expected to enter a period of rapid growth in 2021, with a market size of 20 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan in 2025, accounting for more than half of the world market.

The launch of the graphene battery by GAC Group aroused heated discussions. There are views that theoretically graphene can increase the charge and discharge rate, but the actual effect remains to be verified; some views believe that there is no real graphene battery, which is just a “gimmick” made by GAC Group.

“Frei Liu”, Ph.D. of Materials Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University, said on social media: “The technology of’graphene battery’ is close to non-existent. Graphene can only theoretically increase the charge and discharge rate. The improvement of the graphene battery is basically of no help (people who expect the’graphene battery’ to solve the battery life of mobile phones/electric vehicles will be disappointed), and the significance of the gimmick is far greater than the practical value. Moreover, the high specific surface area of ​​the graphene material itself is not the same as the current Lithium ion batteryindustryThe technology system is incompatible, and the hope of application is very slim. “

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