Hope: ‘Caution to get out of the red zones.’ – Chronicle


“We will have to carefully evaluate the numbers for the next few days. It is understandable that a territory wants to get out of the red zone but we need caution. The measures are giving the first results but we need to discuss with scientists and technicians. I work with everyone. regional presidents without political distinction and I say no to polemics. For me the line remains that of maximum caution “.
Minister Roberto Speranza said this at Che tempo che fa on Rai 3.
The shift between regions for Christmas, “for the model we use, can only happen if all the regions go to the yellow zone but at this moment we must avoid all the movements that are not necessary. We must plan the holidays with caution”.
The situation is very serious, today almost 600 people have lost their lives and there are still many cases. At the same time, however, rt has dropped and our technicians think it will drop further in the next few days. But they are still the very first effects of the measures taken and are not yet sufficient. We still have massive numbers and we cannot let our guard down. “On intensive care, the fact is that there is a very strong pressure that our NHS is supporting anyway. We can avoid the general lockdown because the country has equipped itself with more beds but this does not mean that we can face a new one. Woe to underestimate the situation but the country is certainly stronger than it was in March “, reiterated Health Minister Roberto Speranza. Italy must try to achieve herd immunity and therefore an anti-covid vaccination of mass “with persuasion”. “I think that with a real campaign we can try to achieve herd immunity without starting from mandatory but it is an evaluation that we will make over the months. We will evaluate it in the course of work”, underlined the minister adding “I asked that could have a single big European competition on needles and syringes, this competition is underway but at the same time Arcuri is organizing for Italy to have its own autonomy. But we must not have a competition between countries that would only end up raising the price of these materials.



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