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Hoogeveen literally responds to fireworks protest – Regionieuws Hoogeveen

Hoogeveen – A call that was made on social media to light fireworks tonight at 8 p.m. as a protest against the decision on a complete fireworks ban next year, has found a hearing among real fireworks enthusiasts.

At the stroke of 8 p.m., various bangs could be heard throughout the municipality of Hoogeveen. It was true that it was much less than at the turn of the year. But the opponents of this decision want to send such a signal that they do not agree with this measure. Lighting fireworks can get you a fine of at least 100 euros and a criminal record if you are caught.

The sale and lighting of fireworks will be banned once during the coming New Year

The sale and lighting of fireworks will be banned once during the coming New Year. This is to avoid extra pressure on the already heavily burdened care and on the maintenance of public order. The Council of Ministers has agreed to this temporary prohibition on the proposal of State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management and Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security.

Due to the need not to allow the workload in this pandemic to increase any further around the turn of the year, healthcare, police and mayors have requested a temporary fireworks ban. At the last turn of the year, about 1,300 people ended up in hospitals and at GP stations with fireworks injuries. Maintaining public order is made more difficult in many places in the country during the turn of the year by incidents involving fireworks. The cabinet therefore considered a temporary ban and its consequences for the fireworks industry.

Fee and safe storage

Because the cause of the temporary ban lies in COVID-19, people from the fireworks industry will in any case be able to make use of existing COVID-19 compensation measures for entrepreneurs. In addition, the sector receives compensation for the safe storage of unsold fireworks and the transport to safe storage locations. The cabinet is allocating a total of around 40 million euros for this. It goes without saying that fireworks that are not being sold may only be stored in safe, specially designated locations. In addition to storage locations in the Netherlands, many importers also have locations in Germany. This is expected to provide sufficient space for storage. When fireworks sales start again in 2021, the stocks can still be sold.

Stars and pull strings

The temporary fireworks ban does not apply to fireworks from the so-called F-1 category. This is a light type of firework, such as stars, pull ropes and decorative fountains. Due to European directives, a member state cannot decide to ban this type of fireworks, which may be sold in shops all year round. The temporary fireworks ban is regulated by the Temporary COVID-19 Act.

The cabinet understands, of course, that the ban is disappointing for fireworks enthusiasts. Soon it will be communicated what is possible within the COVID-19 restrictions around the upcoming holidays.

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